Roseanne, the Winter Olympics (from South Korea to I, Tonya) and the aura of Oprah are lighting up our screens and imaginations again in 2018.

And not just for entertainment purposes. (Or political purposes, for that matter.)

I’m talking healing purposes.

About 25 years ago, during equally peak storytelling moments and pre-social media, this breakthrough domestic sitcom, dramatic global get-together and one of the talk show queen’s favorite spiritual teachers—A Return to Love author Marianne Williamson—positively expanded the way millions of us saw our families, our world and ourselves.

The first made us laugh out loud at our struggles and family drama/pain (Roseanne and Jackie’s hilarious and heartfelt reactions to their abusive dad’s death still resonate), the second drew us in record numbers to universal, real-time tales of triumph over adversity—from U.S. figure skater Nancy Kerrigan’s bittersweet silver-medal finish seven weeks after a hit man’s attack nearly took her out of competition to U.S. speed skater Dan Jansen’s emotional gold-medal victory four years after losing his sister to cancer—and the third, in showing us (and her future friend Oprah) how to move from pain to inner peace, simply but powerfully defined a miracle as a shift in perception from fear to love.

Roseanne premiered in 1988, but it hit creative heights in 1993-94 (see 1:30-2:37 above).

Dan Jansen experienced agony in 1988 but came back to win gold at the 1994 Olympic Games.

Marianne Williamson began writing A Return to Love in 1988. The book became a New York Times bestseller upon publication four years later. Above is one of her many appearances (circa 1998) on Oprah’s talk show.

Let’s get personal about our ‘series of moments’

What TV moments changed your way of seeing things, or perhaps changed your life?

Personally, all three of the above “series of moments” filled me with feel-good energy, sparked my spirit and illuminated my thinking and my path forward during dark and trying times as a kid from a small Midwestern town seeing his family go haywire and as a journalism and design student at The University of Tulsa channeling his inner Roseanne/Darlene Conner and David Healy to write and otherwise visualize his (and ultimately his mom, sister, niece and nephews’) way to sunnier days. These positive energetic changes in turn attracted the right people, places and opportunities into my life and motivated me to go for my dreams.

With this inspiration and a little help from my own future friend—the late, great John Ritter, whose hysterical Three’s Company capers lit up my childhood, and whose kindness opened a door to my first book and related experiences—I “telenvisioned” a path from Oklahoma to coastal California, where I told and lived some true Hollywood stories before finding myself art directing, writing and producing print and digital magazine pieces on wellness-minded actors, fitness- and food-savvy athletes, nutritional supplements, and bestselling authors (including—full circle moment!—Marianne Williamson). Eventually, I was able to move my mom, sister and her kids here, too, and share with them my blessings.

That’s me, holding my book Come and Knock on Our Door, with some of the Three’s Company gang from the E! True Hollywood Story in 1998


Wellseeing (and telenvisioning!) your way to wellbeing

In short, a decades-long diet of “mind food” fueled a healthy outlook—I like to call it a greater sense of “wellseeing”—which in turn nourished a deeper sense of wellbeing.

All of which (phew!) brings me here, welcoming you to what I hope will be a fun and forward-looking part of your wellness journey that you’ll look forward to visiting regularly.

WellseeingTV’s mission is to illuminate, investigate and celebrate the power of personal vision, television and related visionary efforts—be they books, documentaries, films, music, online ventures, social entrepreneurships, spiritual practices, health-minded apps, nutraceuticals or other transformative pursuits and products—in shaping our quests for wellbeing.

The “TV” in our name is in part a nod to the visual medium that inspires millions, but it also stands for “telling visions,” so we’ll do just that, whether those visions come from within (as thoughts, ideas, images, insights or foresight) or are gleaned from meaningful media, inspirational stories and purposeful endeavors. I want to share some things I’ve learned (and am still learning) along the way while creating a space where “wayshowers” and other “wellseers”—such as my longtime spiritual mentor and friend, intuitive life coach and dream interpreter Yvonne Ryba—can tell their visions of wellbeing.

Entertaining wellness? You’ve come to the right place

Here you will find interviews, stories, links, “likes,” tools, tips and musings that we hope will light up your path to health, happiness and prosperity and help you lighten up your spirit along that sometimes turning and twisting trail. You will find entertaining “healthy takes” on TV favorites and other pop-culture creations and will discover all sorts of engaging wellness info designed to bring clarity to your mind and your heart.

You’ll also discover exclusive outtakes from my latest actor, athlete and author Q&As appearing in various wellness magazines, “Flashback Friday” stuff (with a wellseeing spin) from my Retroality.TV and health and fitness story archives (above: a clip from my 2014 video interview with The Facts of Life star Lisa Whelchel), and past and current episodes of re:awakening, the dream interpretation podcast I host with Yvonne (and which began as a segment of my celeb-interview-headlined RetroalityTV podcast Reimagine That!).

A few of my health and fitness magazine cover stories on famous Winter Olympians

Reboots, redemption tales and other eye openers

We think that, more than ever in these divisive and stressful times, healing is essential—so expect to see some commentary on ABC’s revived Roseanne, which will examine how familial love can overcome deep political divides (fueled in part, reportedly, by healthcare costs facing aging parents). And CBS’s rebooted Murphy Brown, which will no doubt explore in part how its titular lead, a recovering alcoholic D.C.-based news reporter and breast cancer survivor, maintains her wellbeing in today’s often-toxic stew of 24-7 cable news, social media, fake news and made-for-reality-TV political drama. Both revivals, like NBC’s at times politically-charged redux Will & Grace, at least have great potential to serve up the healing tonic of laughter, if not greater understanding.

But dramatic storytelling also shines a light on the human spirit, of course, and its connection to wellseeing and wellbeing. So expect our takes, for instance, on the Oscar-nominated comedic drama I, Tonya (does it change the way we view a disgraced Olympian?), the personal stories of the winter games in Pyeongchang, and Golden Globes tour-de-force Oprah Winfrey’s upcoming spiritually-themed feature film A Wrinkle in Time.

Ready for a journey to joy? Book it! (And bookmark us!)

Finally, as an author myself, I certainly want to bring you news and reviews on wellness-themed books and interviews with their authors. So expect posts about everything from Laila Ali’s new nutrition-charged (and superfood-smart!) cookbook Food for Life to Biggest Loser trainer and heart attack survivor Bob Harper’s revealing new tome The Super Carb Diet to Happy Days star Marion Ross’s upcoming memoir My Days: Happy and Otherwise to Marianne Williamson’s new book-related Love America Tour 2018. All of these books and events have the potential to boost our health or boost our joy—which in turn tend to boost one another.

Stay tuned, friends, and we’ll be welllseeing in no time!

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