What do you believe? About Life, that is. Yes, Life with a capital L, because Life is more than an existence where we find ourselves buffeted by the whims of fate, or other people’s influence, or our environment. Life is meant to be so much more than that. Of course, these factors do have an effect on us, but there is a way to overcome the negative effects of everyday living. It has to do with the way we think.

You may wonder, What does that mean? Don’t we all just think about whatever is happening at the moment? Of course we are aware of our present moment. In fact it is in the present moment we realize we are alive. Now, if we can start to focus our thoughts, to be aware that we can control them, we can change our lives. I am a member of Centers for Spiritual Living, whose motto is “Change your thinking, change your life.” We believe that everything was, is, and will be created by One Presence, a presence most of us call God. Because we think this way, we realize that everything is connected through the Spirit of this creation. Yes, everything! God, the Creative Spirit can not be limited in any way.
If the universe, which is infinite, is created by God, then every part of it must have God in it. Many people think of our Creative Spirit as a person, and this is the easy way to think of God. We understand our bodies, so like the ancient Greeks, we see the magnificent Presence of Creation as an Almighty Father. Since we have ventured into space, discovered how the galaxy we inhabit is composed, and see into the outer regions of our known universe, it is time to recognize that Spirit is so much more than that. Does this destroy the love we have for God? It does not. The Creator is all-knowing, present everywhere, without end, and more importantly seeks to see us live our lives to the fullest.

  Although our belief is labeled “New Thought,” we believe in the teachings of Jesus. When he said “The Kingdom of Heaven is within” (Luke 17: 21) he was explaining that Heaven—that is, where God is—is in us, in our midst, not separate from us. One of our Declaration of Principles is “We believe that the Kingdom of heaven is within man and that we experience this Kingdom to the degree that we become conscious of it.”

I prefer to call God The Creator or Creative Spirit since therein lies the power given to us by The Creator. We can choose. We can decide for ourselves what we want to do in our lives. We can create.
The planet Earth reveals this everywhere, from the grass growing in the fields, to the bird building its nest; from the spider spinning a web, to the salmon crossing the ocean to return to spawn in the river where it was born. Everywhere there is creation.
We who are given the power to create more than any other species on Earth have created cities and space ships but we have also created ways to help and heal others, to communicate with people on the other side of the planet in seconds, and to arrive in another country in hours and not weeks or months, as it used to be. When a mother cooks for her family, she creates. When a father plays basketball with his son, he creates.
How, you might ask, do these ordinary tasks show creation? All acts of connecting with others are creative. To love or act with love is the highest form of creation. Love is what it is all about!

Jesus said, “Love one another.” The founder of our philosophy and of the Science of Mind movement, Dr. Ernest Holmes, studied every religion and found this was a common theme. “Lovingkindness” is a word often used in the Bible. “Love,” Dr. Holmes wrote, “is an essence, an atmosphere, which defies analysis, as does Life itself. It is that which IS and cannot be explained: It is common to all people, to all animal life, and evident in the response of plants to those who love them. Love reigns supreme over all.”

So, to create a life for ourselves that is vibrant with love and abundance in good things we must focus on the things we want to have in our lives. Negative thoughts must be pushed out of our mind, and our desire must be focused on this. Believe this desire will manifest in your life and be grateful for it, even before it makes its appearance. As Jesus said, “When ye pray, believe that ye receive … and ye shall have.”
If you want to know more on how to create such a life, watch for my next column.
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