WellseeingTV Founder and Editor

WHAT DO OVER 100 HEALTH-CONSCIOUS CELEBS, spirited Olympic champions, cutting-edge wellness pioneers, and—oh, yes—a quintessential TV sitcom have in common?

All have dramatic, and surprisingly transformative, stories behind their groundbreaking treks to success. And all have seen storyteller Chris Mann uncover and capture the heart and soul of their narratives while bringing their inspirational—and often Hollywood-worthy—tales to page and screen.

A visually-minded writer, editor, and digital producer, Chris created WellseeingTV with the mission of spotlighting the transformative power of personal vision, television (including laugh-out-loud sitcoms!), and related visionary efforts in shaping our quests for wellbeing.

Illuminating health and fitness
With over 20 years’ experience in print and digital media, Chris has merged successful careers as a journalist and visual communicator—and lifelong passions for television and the mind-body-spirit connection—in the wellness and entertainment arenas, where he has found purpose in illuminating, investigating, and celebrating the true human stories of famous faces and everyday people, their visions and struggles, and the life-affirming products of their focused vision and hard work.

Chris has penned more than 100 celebrity health and fitness cover features, science-backed natural product stories, and industry expert Q&As for consumer magazines and custom publications. In addition, as a lifestyle magazine art director, he has produced, directed and designed celebrity cover shoots, feature layouts, and other editorial content.

Not only does he enjoy writing personal transformation pieces, he has found profound meaning in helping his mom, sister, and other family members on their roads to health and happiness.

His work as an interviewer—which he likewise loves and feels “at home with”—includes arranging and conducting webisode and DVD interviews with actors, athletes, and authors.

Inspiring entertainment
Chris is also a published and produced author. His first book—a well-received tell-all on the iconic TV sitcom Three’s Company—and his related promotional, pitching, and producing efforts led to a popular two-hour documentary, digital “featurette” productions, and a hit, franchise-launching NBC movie (for which Chris served as Consulting Producer).

He has also served as a creative consultant, documentary advisor, on-camera interviewee, and behind-the-scenes audio commentator for various entertainment companies and networks, including E!, ABC, A&E, and Anchor Bay Entertainment. In addition, he has contributed television stories to the Los Angeles Times, TV Guide, emmy magazine, and other publications.

Chris channeled his penchant for pop culture into his own online brand, RetroalityTV, for which he edited a long-running web magazine and blog while producing buzz-worthy YouTube videos and iTunes podcasts.

Happy to develop and write longform projects during his “down time,” Chris has pitched TV projects to Sony Pictures Television, Storyline Entertainment, Jaffe/Braunstein Films, and Virgin Produced. His original Hollywood behind-the-scenes teleplay Ensemble was named a Spec Scriptacular screenwriting competition winner.

Keeping a healthy focus

More than anything, Chris is grateful to have most of his family near him on California’s peaceful central coast, where he still howls in laughter at Roseanne reruns and continues to make meaningful and healthy connections in work that he finds fun and fulfilling.