YVONNE WAS BORN DURING A WW2 AIR RAID on her hometown in Northern England.  Her father’s parents were Welsh and her mother’s were a mixture of Scottish, Irish and English. She can say she comes from every part of the United Kingdom! Everyone in her family was interested in dreams and their meanings, although not many knew how to interpret them. When Yvonne entered St. Hilds College, part of Durham University, she studied Education and later became a High School teacher, or a Comprehensive teacher as it is called in Britain.
In college her friends talked about their dreams and she realized she could explain their meanings. Part of her course was psychology and reading Freud and Jung helped her understand even more about the significance of dreams in our lives.
She also took a three year course in Religious Knowledge which has continued to be a life long interest. The spiritual side of life is very important to her and she investigated many religious beliefs before discovering Science of Mind, a philosophy that states we are part of creation, have creative abilities from our Creator and must recognize we are one with everything that is created. God is ‘All There Is’ and we are part of this incredible Presence. The founder of Science of Mind, the name is synonymous with Religious Science, was Dr. Ernest Holmes. His books were a great influence on Yvonne when she and her British husband Temperley emigrated to the United States. In fact, after his death in 2004, she was halfway through her course to become a Religious Science Practitioner.
Practitioners train for two years after completing the necessary classes which allow them to do so. After oral and written examinations, practitioners are able to take services, including funeral and wedding services, teach classes, hold study groups and most importantly do Spiritual Mind Treatments for clients. SMT is affirmative prayer and a practitioner must prove that they can successfully ‘treat’ for others in order to be able to renew their license every two years.
Yvonne remarried in 2007 and moved from San Antonio, Texas to Shepherd a small town in the East Texas Piney Woods. Her attorney husband Peter had his practice there and she continued her spiritual work from there with a study group which has been meeting since 2011. She is also the Spiritual Leader of the Center for Spiritual Living at Clearlake, Texas. This center is nearly 40 years old and has a Facebook page detailing the work and services this group of caring and warm hearted people perform.
Peter died in 2015. Yvonne found her Religious Science beliefs helped her cope with this second loss, just as they had with the  death of her first husband. She believes we are here to love and to fulfill our potential. We must learn to love each other as well as all creation. We are here to be creative using the gifts we were given in life. Some of us are here to be explorers, some to be artists or writers, some to be mothers or fathers or leaders or whatever it is we have a passion for. Yvonne’s passion was to be a teacher. For twenty years she taught high school children. When she came to the United States, she traveled with Temperley, helping him with his artistic work. At the same time, she found connections with people she met who wanted her to interpret their dreams or help them though some spiritual problem. Gradually she realized she was teaching again but not to classes, to individuals who needed advice.
Yvonne has still many goals ahead of her. Life is meant to be lived to the fullest. We are here to love and to learn, to help and to receive. She knows that our dreams are messages sent to help us cope with our problems. She knows that we are all connected to Spirit, even if we don’t believe it. One of her favorite quotes from the Bible is ” Ask and  it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” ( Matthew 7:7)